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Baby boy's nursery

8 weeks to go and it has finally hit me that I have to get my baby boy's nursery going. I obviously have the big ticket items handed down from Izzy but of course, I stil have to get some new stuff for baby boy so it's not all hand-me-downs. Well actually, that my MILs idea. If it were up to me, I'd use all of Izzy's old stuff since they're pretty much gender neutral (her little newborn stuff are). This is my first big ticket item for little boy.

Look who's trying to take over her baby brother's new rug! Hahaha! I picked this rug because I think this will be so fun for him (and her) when they get a little older. They can play cars, trains, trucks, whatever because there is a street pattern where they can play pretend. So adorable! I got this in store at Target for $80. It really bums me though because I saw a similar one at Ikea in Chicago for $15 but I didn't get it then because I wasn't so sure what my theme would be. Oh well.

This is the actual crib bedding and matching mobile. Also from Target.

Photos from

These are the Wallies. They go on the wall for decoration since I am challenged in the art department.

Photo from

I thought I'll just try to paint the clouds myself or have Matt do it for me since he is more creative than I. I'll take pictures of the finished room once it's completed. Good luck to us!


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