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Week 31

I'm officially H-U-G-E! I currently weigh in at 150lbs. Well, actually it was 149lbs and some ounces. Haha! I've been gaining 2 lbs a week which is what the average weight gain is for the third trimester anyway. MY OBG might want me to get another sonagram just to monitor that baby has gained what he is supposed to gain because he was in the small side last time. Small but not dangerous small. So I'm praying that he will at least be average in size.  I should blame my genetics on this one. I'm not particularly small but I'm not exactly tall either. I'm average, by Filipino standards. Oh well. The good news is that baby boy is moving a lot lot lot! I can feel kicks and punches all the time. It would sometimes wake me up from my sleep. Apparently, this is a great thing. OBG says you don't want a lazy baby. Well, baby boy is NOT lazy. Also, it seems like he is not breech anymore. BUT, there is still room for him to flip around so let's hope that he doesn't.

I'm rambling so I'll make this short. Next appointment is in 2 weeks already. I should be in a panic because we are not yet at all ready for the little boy's arrival. I better get on it. I still have so much stuff to buy, clean, and disinfect--sigh!


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