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What keeps me preoccupied...

...when I'm not travelling, that is.

Here's some cool stuff that I've found that to me seem like great deals. Not in any particular order, by the way.

1. Anything from Target

I've found the cutest clothes there (online and in-store). Going further into this pregnancy, I obviously did NOT want to buy maternity clothes anymore. The last time I was huge and pregnant was in the winter time. Not so much the case this time because it is averaging in the 90s lately and there's no way I will wear my old maternity clothes. So I decided to find non-maternity clothes that I can still possibly wear post-partum. Empire-waisted dresses, maxis, my ever reliable yoga shorts, and running shorts--I just pair these with the hubby's shirts because they are loose enough for me to breathe and not feel constricted.

2. Forever 21

Love this place. Oh my! Some people may laugh and ask what a 30something like me (pregnant at that!) is doing shopping for clothes here. Hey, it's cheap. Quality is ok. And again, it's cheap. So I don't really feel awful about going here. I especially love their Fabulous Finds.

3. Old Navy

Yup, love this place too. But I stopped going here when I was on my 2nd trimester I think because I couldn't find anything for me there anymore. I didn't even bother checking their maternity line.

4. Online shopping/browsing

Sheesh. I'm such a sucker for sales. I mean, even if I don't need it and if it's a good deal, most likely I will get it. I found these two super cute sandals.

Alani sandals
Avriela sandals

They were both 50% off! So there was no way I could resist. And this was prior to me leaving for Chicago and I was in a panic because I didn't have anything to wear to match my dresses. (Normally, I just wear my Havaianas.) ;P The bestest best part of this whole purchase was, when I checked the Tory Burch site again a week or so later, they had a special promo going on for another 20% off your entire purchase. AND THEY DO PRICE ADJUSTMENTS TOO! So I called and I got my 20% off since I called at the right time (within 10days of date of shipment). Love it!

I am currently lusting over this Prada Espadrille Wedge from Bergdof Goodman.


I couldn't find the exact picture but this will do. The shoe I want is a lot shorter than this and it's a T-strap. It's available in my size, well kind of. It's a 6 and I wear 6.5, but who cares. Ha! However, I don't find myself losing sleep over this so it's probably a no-go. And besides, I haven't checked on it so it's probably not there anymore.

No, I haven't actually bought stuff for baby boy. Wait, I take that back. I've bought some stuff for his nursery such as a couple of cute light fixtures and have found a new crib set for him. I haven't bought it yet because I'm waiting for my benefactor to come back from her vacation before I do any buying. I have actually picked out a lot of stuff for him--nursery decoration-wise but I just haven't bought them yet. That will come in a month or so. I've already sorted out stuff from Izzy's old baby clothes but I'm so overwhelmed. Next month, I'm sure it will be a different story. Hopefully, I will be reporting that the nursery is all done and is expectantly awaiting baby boy's arrival.

Please. Don't ask me if I have a name picked out already. The answer is no, I have not and if I do, I'm not telling anyway. ;P


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